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Horse Bedsore Boots

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After many requests we have added a horse bedsore boot to our product line up.  These horse bedsore boots are waterproof and are 5mm thick.  They are comfortable, soft and durable. One size fits most. Made in Long Beach, CA
$26.00 a pair-
Free shipping USA

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INTERNATIONAL BUYERS- Please order from this button. You will be charged 8.00 shipping no matter how many boots you order.

Photo of Dr Jenkins

Charles A Jenkins D.V.M at Los Alamitos Racetrack in Cypress, CA says:

"The Equipro Bedsore Boots are better than any boots I have seen so far.
  I like that they do not apply tension onto the tendons.  I also like the simplicity and functionality of this boot."

Features of the bedsore boots:
~Lycra lining
~Do not shift when put on correctly
~Easy to put on
~Protects the fetlock ~
~Prevents sores from forming
~Promotes faster healing of existing bed sores and pressure sores
Protects against re-injury of existing sores

Bedsores first and foremost are open sores on the legs. These sores can become chronic pressure ulcers that repeatedly become infected and difficult to heal so resolving them quickly is important.    Once healed, the most important protocol is protect the joints to prevent the bedsores from reopening or coming back.  Certainly, bedsores can be avoided if a designated rest area such as a stall can be deeply bedded.  When an owner does not have the option of giving the horse a deeply bedded resting area, then protection from further injury is needed.


On our never ending quest to improve our line-up we discovered Summer Whinnys® Silver, by Sox For Horses, Inc. We believe these socks combined with Equipro Bedsore Boots will help owners heal the sores and protect the  joints from developing new sore !  



Summer Whinnys®  are being recognized by veterinarians for their ability to provide a clean, antimicrobial environment around the leg that help owners resolve difficult skin conditions, wounds and sores.   Beneath our Bedsore Boots, Summer Whinnys® wick moisture build-up from the skin surface, which can help to keep the skin tissue dry. They are cool and they allow air to reach the skin surface.   The antimicrobial silver inhibits the growth of bacteria in the socks, providing a clean environment around the skin that will offer protection while the sores heal.  The socks will also help to prevent dirt and sand from getting beneath the boots.  Summer Whinnys when combined with Equipro Bedsore Boots can be the total package to healing and protection.  

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Hi Beth,
These are photos of Kayla today with boots with sox. She's been wearing the boots since Saturday w/ great success ! (Compare photos from the other day that I sent and photos I'm sending now, today). Amazing?!!!


Go to They offer many sizes, and are very willing to talk to you about how to use the socks in tandem with our Bedsore Boots.  A number of their studies regarding wound/sore protection are also posted on their FaceBook page. 

Disclaimer: Equipro is completely independent from Sox For Horses, Inc


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